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Mostar Airport logo redesign

Category: Identity

International Mostar Airport is currently recorded as a great success in the market. Its potential in relation to regional recognition and positioning is huge. Therefore the company directed an important part of the business and marketing strategy to developing a distinctive market image. As a fundamental step the client came to us with the task of developing a new visual identity and all additional communication elements. At the heart of our achievements was a dynamic logo. Additionally, we were responsible for a consistent implementation of Mostar airport’s brand identity in all areas where the airline came into contact with its customers, from designing cabins, check-in counters and terminal spaces to the clothing worn by its staff, flight entertainment systems, as well as traditional printed material, ticketing, business stationery and large scale advertising. The final result is derived from the motif of a seagull, and may also be associated with "wings", "flight"...The impression of credibility is reinforced by an English translation of the company name. SBD colored the new logo in red and blue. Red signifies strength, energy and emotion, while blue symbolises technological quality, confidence and reliability. Airlines are in a position between individuality and worldwide recognisability. As a cultural ambassador of its country, Mostar Airport denotes a strong identity. First, it helps our client to stand out from the crowded competition, and it furthermore expresses relevant values such as security, reliability and quality in the air traffic industry, in a universal way for all regions and cultures where the brand is present.
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Redizajn logotipa Zračne luke shift agencija
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vizualni identitet zračna luka mostar redizajn logotipa
redizajn logotipa zračna luka mostar shift agencija
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