Bojan Bogdanović

Personal Branding of the Basketball Player - Logo Design

Category: Identity

Bojan Bogdanović is one of the top professional Croatian basketball players. Born in Mostar, Bogdanović started his basketball career in 2004 with his hometown club Zrinjski Mostar. He is currently a part of the Utah Jazz and also represents the Croatian national basketball team. His professional career came to the phase when he needed to be presented to the public through a memorable identity that will help him build and expand his brand and connect with all fans, supporters, and/or business opportunities via social media.

Respecting Bojan’s particular wish, we created a logo that consists of the uniform numbers 44. This number is recognizable and a protective trademark of Bojan Bogdanovic that he wears on team jerseys, as well as the clubs he has played for so far. We went a step further and created a logo monogram containing the initials B and B. Bojan Bogdanović immediately accepted the logo as his new trademark used on social media, in the interior elements of a hotel in Dubrovnik, and in the campaign for a basketball camp.

Bojan Bogdanović wanted a memorable visual identity that would present him in the most positive way; through the development and establishment of his own personal brand marked with power, courage, and leadership and easy to apply to a wide range of products. Developing and maintaining a personal brand is a part of long-term career strategy.  The characteristics he has developed in his career such as hard work, a competitive spirit and determination also contribute to its success and are the central components of a personal brand. For our agency, it was a challenge to discover, define and articulate these components.