Elektro Jurić d.o.o. Mostar

The verbal and visual identity of Sparx brand

Category: Identity Packaging

Shift recently received a courageous request from the well-known Mostar firm Elektro Jurić Ltd, who specialize in the sale of lighting fixtures and electrical materials. The company have made the significant step of introducing their own brand on to the market. This was demanding work for our client and also a great challenge for our agency because of the wide product range. The first task was to create a short and distinctive name that would be recognisable in the wider geographical region. Secondly, we needed to define both a distinctive visual system that contained the logo of the brand and a creative packaging concept that could be recognised and adapted to a wide range of products that were not so closely related. Initially, there were about 50 items, mostly comprised of different types of lamp, but also included other electrical material (extension cords, etc.). Due to the fact that these goods are for technical purposes and require a large amount of technical data on the packaging, the biggest problem was to display such a large volume of information while maintaining the aesthetic appeal and recognition of the pack.