Padina d.o.o.

The Visual Identity and Web Shop for Padina Ltd

Category: Identity Digital

The visual identity of a company provides a public identification and creates uniqueness and personality. Besides the ideals and values of a company, it accelerates image creation and corporate identity. The company Padina Ltd. was founded in 2000. By listening to customer needs for the last 15 years, it has expanded its selling assortment (product portfolio). The visual identity of company is very important, leading our client to decide to create a professional design for it. Shift agency is responsible for the realization of this project. The logo was created in orange PANTONE 716 and green PANTONE 3415 color. The orange letter of the logo is energetic and draws attention, whilst the green line on letter A gives a fresh and distinct look to the logo and reminds us of the name of the company. Furthermore, we designed other visual style elements for company communication which form a harmonious integrity and clearly defined identity.

dizajn vizualnog identiteta padina logotip - shift agencija
vizualni identitet padina d.o.o.
dizajn vizualnog identiteta padina logotip
dizajn vizualnog identiteta padina logotip
dizajn vizualnog identiteta padina d.o.o. - agencija shift memorandum
vizualni identitet padina brošura
vizualni identitet padina d.o.o. majica
vizualni identitet i web dizajn padina d.o.o.
vizualni identitet padina zastava