Naša TV

The visual identity design for new television network

Category: Identity Digital

Shift has created a visual identity for the regional television network NAŠA TV, which will be broadcasting the daily social, economic and political news in the broader Herzegovina region. The new television network wants to establish itself as the leading local name in broadcasting the key local issues and events, from social matters to economics and political issues, to compelling entertainment programs. Naša TV is a private, international communication service that provides daily news and current affairs programming to the region of Herzegovina.  The main objective of the company is to bring accurate and well-adjusted news and information to people who live in a region where the broadcasting media are heavily restricted. Shift was hired to design an identity that embodies the principles and values on which the company was founded – a progressive attitude that conveys action and leadership. The symbol of a continual line represents the company’s ideas of connection and movement — continuous development. It also represents the history - the ethnological heritage of the people living in the area of Herzegovina. The corporate color red has an aggressive nature that demands attention, which successfully embodies the organizational ideals for communication and truth. The visual identity had to be applicable across different channels, print, on air, digital and be also very well defined throughout all the internal communications. The logo was further elaborated through an animated sequence for the purpose of on the air use. Naša TV was launched in February 2016. 

dizajn logotipa televizijske kuće, shift mostar
vizualni identitet Naša TV, dizajn logotipa, televizijska kuća
vizualni identitet Naša TV, dizajn logotipa, televizijska kuća
vizualni identitet Naša TV, kreativna agencija Shift
vizualni identitet naša tv sbd
dizajn vizualnog identiteta Naša TV
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brand identitet naša tv, dizajn šalice, oslikavanje, aplikacija logotipa